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Jay Steinberg, MD

Lab Years: 2001-2003

Fellowship: Cardiothoracic Surgery

                                Penn State

(Critical Care Lab) Publications:

1.       Schiller HJ, McCann UG, Carney DE, Gatto LA, Steinberg JM, Nieman GF. Altered alveolar mechanics in the acutely injured lung. Crit Care Med. 2001;29(5):1049-1055.


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4.       Steinberg JM, Fink G, Picone A, Searles B, Schiller H, Lee HM, Nieman GF. Evidence of increased matrix metalloproteinase-9 concentration and activity in patients following cardiopulmonary bypass. J Extracorporal Tech. 2001. 33:218-222.


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7.      Steinberg JM, Schiller HJ, Halter JM, Gatto LA, Dasilva M, Amato M, McCann UG, Nieman GF. Tidal volume increase do not affect alveolar mechanics in normal lung but cause alveolar over-distension and exacerbate alveolar instability following surfactant deactivation. Crit Care Med. 2002. 30:2675-2683.


8.      Darling E, Searles B, Nasrallah F, Robins M, You X, Gatto LA, Clay N, Picone A, Steinberg JM, Nieman GF. High-volume balanced ultra-filtration improves pulmonary function in a model of post-pump syndrome. J Am Extra-Corp Tech. 2002. 34:254-259.


9.      Halter JM, Steinberg JM, Schiller HJ, DaSilva M, Gatto LA, Landas S, Nieman GF. Positive end-expiratory pressure (PEEP) after a recruitment maneuver prevents both alveolar collapse and recruitment/derecruitment. Am J Resp Crit Care Med. 2003. 167:1620-1626.


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13.      Steinberg JM, Halter JM, Schiller H, Gatto LA, Nieman GF. The development of acute respiratory distress syndrome model after gut ischemia/reperfusion injury followed by fecal peritonitis in pigs: A clinically relevant model. Shock. 2005;23: 129-137.


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15.      Steinberg JM, Halter JM, Schiller H, Gatto LA, Carney DE, Lee H-M, Golub L, Nieman GF. Chemically-modified tetracycline (COL-3) prevents the development of septic shock and acute respiratory distress syndrome in a clinically applicable porcine model. Shock. 2005;24:348-356.


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