ULysses McCann.jpeg

Ulysses McCann, MD

Lab Years: 2000-2002

Fellowship: Cardiothoracic Surgery

                                Baylor College of Medicine

(Critical Care Lab) Publications:

1.       Carney DE, Bredenberg CE, Schiller HJ, Picone AL, McCann UG, Gatto LA, Bailey G, Fillinger M, Nieman GF. The Mechanism of Lung Volume Change during Mechanical Ventilation. Am J Resp Crit Care Med. 1999. 160:1697-1702.


2.       McCann UG, Gatto LA, Searles B, Carney DE, Picone A, Lutz CJ, Schiller HJ, Nieman GF. Matrix metalloproteinase inhibitor: Differential effects on pulmonary neutrophil and monocyte sequestration following cardiopulmonary bypass. J Extracorporeal Tech. 1999. 31(2):67-75.


3.       McCann UG, Schiller HJ, Carney DE, Gagne GM, Thomas D, Hellwig B, Gatto LA, Nieman GF. Alveolar recruitment as a mechanism of normal lung volume change: evidence from a novel nuclear imaging technique.  Surgical Forum. 1999. 50:155-157.


4.       Nieman GF, Searles B, Carney DE, McCann UG, Schiller HJ, Lutz CJ, Finck C, Gatto LA, Hodell M, Picone AL.  Systemic inflammation induced by cardiopulmonary bypass: a review of pathogenesis and treatment. J Extracorporeal Tech. 1999. 31:202-210.


5.       Schiller HJ, McCann UG, Carney DE, Gatto LA, Steinberg JM, Nieman GF. Altered alveolar mechanics in the acutely injured lung. Crit Care Med. 2001;29(5):1049-1055.


6.       Carney DE, McCann UG, Schiller HJ, Gatto LA, Steinberg JM, Picone AL, Nieman GF. Metalloproteinase inhibition prevents acute respiratory distress syndrome. J Surg Res. 2001. 99;245-252.


7.       McCann UG, Schiller HJ, Carney DE, Gatto LA, Steinberg JM, Nieman GF. Visual validation of the mechanical stabilizing effects of PEEP at the alveolar level (Mechanical Stabilizing effects of PEEP). J Surg Res. 2001. 99;335-342.


8.       McCann UG, Schiller HJ, Carney DE, Kilpatrick J, Gatto LA, Paskanik AM, Nieman GF. Invasive arterial blood pressure monitoring in trauma and critical care: effect of variable transducer level, catheter access and patient position.  Chest. 2001. 120; 1322-1326.

9.      McCann UG, Schiller HJ, Gatto LA, Steinberg JM, Carney DE, Nieman GF. Alveolar mechanics alter hypoxic pulmonary vasoconstriction. Crit Care Med. 2002. 30(6):1315-1321.


10.      McCann UG, Lutz CJ, Picone AL, Searles B, Gatto LA, O’Hearn M, Nieman GF. Whole blood cardioplegia reduced myocardial edema following ischemic injury and cardiopulmonary bypass – Blood cardioplegia reduces myocardial edema. J Extra Corpor Technol. 2006;38:14-21.