Chuck Lutz.jpg

Chuck Lutz, MD

Lab Years: 1996-1998

Fellowship: Cardiothoracic Surgery

                                University of Utah

(Critical Care Lab) Publications:

1.       Picone A, Gatto LA, Nieman GF, Paskanik AM, Lutz CJ. Pulmonary Surfactant Function following Endotoxin: Effects of Exogenous Surfactant Treatment. Shock. 1996. 5(4):304-310. 


2.       Lutz CJ, Picone A, Gatto LA, Paskanik AM, Landas S, Nieman GF. Exogenous surfactant and positive end-expiratory pressure act synergistically to improve pulmonary function in endotoxin induced lung injury. Crit Care Med.  1998. 26:1379-1389.


3.       Finck C, Hodell M, Marx W,  Paskanik A, McGraw D, Lutz CJ, Gatto LA, Picone A, Nieman GF. Endotoxin stimulated alveolar macrophage recruitment of neutrophils and modulation with exogenous surfactant. Crit Care Med. 26:1414-1418, 1998.


4.       Lutz CJ, Carney DE, Finck C, Picone A, Gatto LA,  Paskanik A, Langenback E, Nieman GF. Aerosolized surfactant improves pulmonary function in endotoxin-induced lung injury. Am J Resp Crit Care Med. 158:840-845, 1998.


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6.       Lutz CJ, Carney DE, Picone AL, Schiller HJ, Gatto LA, Snyder K, Paskanik AM, Nieman GF.  Videomicroscopy provides accurate in vivo assessment of pulmonary microvascular reactivity in rabbits. Shock. 1999. 11:367-371. 


7.       Carney DE,  Lutz CJ, Picone A, Gatto LA, Schiller H, Finck C, Searles B, Paskanik A, Snyder K, Edwards C, Nieman GF. Soluble tumor necrosis factor receptor prevents post-pump syndromes. J Surg Res.  1999. 82: 113-121. 


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